PT Sumber Segara Primadaya

The growth of the economy and industry in Indonesia by the year 2000 requires the availability of facilities and infrastructure in line with programs of the government Indonesia to meet the needs of 10.000 megawatts of eletricity.


PT Sumberenergi Sakti Prima, which is engaged in Energy and Mining, together with PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali, which has its strength in the energy industry, founded PT Sumber Segara Primadaya to be the best independent Power Producer in Indonesia.


PT Sumber Segara Primadaya appointed to Chengda Engineering Corporation of China (CECC) as EPC Contractor as well as to provide bank finance from China to build the 2x300MW Cilacap Coalfired Steam Power Plant. CECC have had previous experience in Indonesia by building a 2x25 MW Coal-fired Steam Power Plant in South Sulawesi in 1993, and a Gas-fired Steam Power Plant in East Palembang. With the Cilacap Coal-fired Steam Power Plant, almost 70% of the process is handed over to two local constractors (WIKA & Truba Jurong), so that the project this can be completed in time with the best results, furthermore the operation is performed by O&M constractors who are proffesionals that can operate with international standards.